High technology at your service.

The search for innovation is constant for the production of molds/dies with excellence. The company has always worked to remain among the best in the market by means of investments in high-technology equipment, software and professional qualification to develop solutions suitable to its customer's needs.

These are a few of the main pieces of equipment:

1 – 5-axel Mazak VORTEX e-1600 Machining Center
1 – 5-axle Mikron MILL P 800 UD Machining Center
1 - 5-axel Hermle - C42µ Machining Center
2 - Röders RXP 801 Machining Center
1 – 5-axle Röders RPX 500 Machining Center (graphite)
1 – Multitask Mazak Integrex J-200 Machining Center
1 - Gentiger GT-66V Machining Center
1 - Mazak 510 C-HS Machining Center
2 - YCM - NSV - 102A Machining Center
1 - CNC Mazak Lathe (qty 200 SG)
1 – GF SP3 Electrical Discharge Machine
1 – FORM P 900 Electrical Discharge Machine
1 - Fanuc 600 Wire Electrical Discharge Machine


This is a broad and modern section, equipped with the latest software: CAD 3D / 2D; Solidworks, CAM Hypermill and Magmasoft. As a result, we produce high quality projects, while meeting the deadlines and requirements demanded by our customers.

Confidentiality is standard practice for our company. We have a skilled and trustworthy team to develop projects that acts as a foundation from which we can supply our customers with the best solutions.

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