Gama is in a privileged environment, surrounded by nature, including a beautiful vineyard which characterizes one of the most important cultures in the Rio Grande do Sul Sierra region: the grape.

Preserving this environment is part of the company's culture which, apart from the actions focused on the well-being of everyone and the community, has an efficient rain water collection system and has invested strongly in photovoltaic energy.


The installation of solar panels in the entire company has contributed to reducing conventional electric energy consumption and consequently will provide low environmental impact, with no production of pollutant waste.


Gama also conducts social responsibility actions linked to Associação Criança Feliz (Happy Child Association). Founded in 1995, this is an entity located in the city of Caxias do Sul – RS, building its history serving hundreds of children, adolescents and their families in a social vulnerability situation. The funds donated on a monthly basis are intended to improve the well-being of these poor children and adolescents.


Gama is also concerned with the routing of waste and effluents. It has a Solid Waste Management Plan in compliance with the National Solid Waste Policy (Law 12,305/2010), which describes the procedures for the waste management steps, including segregation, identification, packing, storage, inside and outside collection, treatment and/or final disposal of the generated waste.

The waste receptacles are checked for licensing in order to ensure that they are properly licensed and authorized to receive the waste. Furthermore, the plan presents goals for reducing waste generation and improving the management process. The employees are periodically instructed to follow the terms contained in this Plan.

The canteen waste is sent to an upstream filter followed by chlorination, which treats this effluent so as to meet the emission standards for release. Other effluents, such as contaminated cutting and machining oil, are sent for outside treatment in licensed companies.

This way, both solid waste and the liquid effluents are managed to comply with the environmental law in force and protect the environment.

With these actions, among others, Gama believes it remains active in the environment and the society where it is located, acting towards the common good and preservation.

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