The Company

Gama Matrizes started its operations in 1995. It has been standing out in the aluminum injection mold manufacturing segment, maintaining its focus on positioning itself among the best in the country in the tooling sector. Today it has its own headquarters that is equipped with high technology equipment and is a world reference for the manufacture of molds, moved by its dedicated and trained people in all the production processes.

The main concern of Gama and its team, is to achieve the established goals and the absolute satisfaction of the clients who hire them. It always performs all the work done seriously, professionally and with integrity and transparency.

Gama aims to offer your company a solid partnership, providing credibility and excellence to the services provided.

Performance: focused mainly on the automobile industry, Gama has all the necessary resources for the development and creation of aluminum injection molds. It stays up to date with technological innovations in order to meet the needs of customers and generating value for the business.

Capacity: Gama has a plant with 2,500m² built area, 1,500m² of this is dedicated to the manufacturing area, with 50 employees and the capacity to build molds of up to 10 tons.

Technology: it offers quality and agility in the development of products and services, using the latest technology in equipment, software and raw materials, combined with experienced professionals. It has software for CAM design, simulation and machining. State-of-the-art equipment for machining, with 3 and 5 axis high speed machines. For quality control, a photometry measurement scanner is used.

Strategic vision


To manufacture molds/dies using the best available technology, seeking quality and, above all, customer satisfaction.


- To plan, perform, check and act in an orderly, systematic and continuous way in all activities.
- To emphasize the personal growth of human beings and participatory work.
- To guarantee the Quality of the supplier, ensuring Quality for the Client.


To be the most complete and efficient mold/die industry.


Customer satisfaction is our goal and it will only be achieved with Quality, commitment to schedule, cost and excellence in products and Services.
Take the human element as the raison d"être for the Organization and the source of its growth.
Profit is the final performance measure of the organization and the assurance of the expansion of its business.