Some information about our company


Gama is located in a plant with 2,500m² of built area, 1,500m² of which devoted to manufacturing, with a capacity to build molds of up to 10 tons. The company team has approximately 50 employees.


Focused mainly in the automobile industry, Gama has all the necessary resources for the design and construction of molds for aluminum injection. It keeps up-to-date with technological innovations in order to meet the customers' needs and create value to the business.


Quality and expeditiousness in the development of products and services, using leading edge technology in equipment, software and raw material, combined with knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Gama Matrizes went into business in 1995. It is a company that holds a prominent place in aluminum injection mold manufacturing, focusing on being among the best in Brazil in the tooling industry. Its own unit is equipped with high technology and a worldwide reference model for mold manufacturing, especially with dedicated persons enabled in all the production processes.

It has software for project simulation and CAM machining. A factory area with state-of-the arte equipment for machining with 3 and 5-axle high-speed machines. For quality control, it relies on photometry measuring scanners among other leading edge pieces of equipment.

Gama and its team's main concern is to achieve the established goals and the absolute satisfaction of its customers. It always embraces the works entrusted to it in a serious, professional and reliable manner.

The purpose is to provide you and your company with a solid partnership, lending credibility and excellence to the provided services.


Manufacture molds/dies using the best available technology seeking quality and, most of all, meeting the Customer's requirements and satisfaction.


Gama Matrizes' vision is to be a reference model in quality and sustainability in the manufacturing of molds and dies, always employing good techniques and innovative technologies.


- To plan, carry out and check every activity, while acting systematically, consistently and being well organized.
- Focusing on the growth of individuals and their involvement, using scientific methods and continuously improving the technology and working closely with customers, suppliers, staff, society in general and other stakeholders.


The customer's satisfaction is our purpose and it will only be achieved with quality, deadlines, cost-effectiveness and excellence in products and services.
Having in the human element the organization's raison d'être and the source of its growth.
Profit is the organization performance's final metric and the guarantee for business expansion.

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