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We are specialized in the design and manufacture of molds of up to 10 tons for the injection of aluminum, for the automotive, public lighting, electrical material and special projects segments.


We work looking forward to the future. For this reason, we permanently invest in technologies, which puts us at the forefront of all the mold and die manufacturing processes. Find out more by clicking here.

The Company

Since 1995, and as a result of our hard work, we have achieved important growth in our segment. The team"s joint effort enabled Gama to achieve a prominent position among toolmakers in the country.

Institutional video

Watch our video and learn a little more about our company.

Linha do tempo 1995
Linha do tempo 2005
Linha do tempo 2015
Linha do tempo 2020

Since 1995 we dedicated ourselves, on a daily basis, to tell a story of WORK, OVERCOMING, REASON and EMOTION. A STORY that was told in PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MUSIC and in joyful FRATERNIZATIONS. We bet on people and through this we gain STRENGTH and VITALITY and we always act with RESPONSIBILITY. We have CLEAR GOALS. Our TEAM has is the SOLIDITY to MOVE forward, towards an even better FUTURE.

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